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Videoform's recordSDK is the perfect solution for adding video and screen recording capabilities to your site or app within minutes.

The SDK works with a minimal setup, your users do not have to create a new account & you can customize branding & colors on the video player.

Implementation steps#

  1. Create an account on our developer portal
  2. Create API key
  3. Copy paste the record code as mentioned in Installation section to get started
  4. The recordSDK works in whichever JavaScript framework you’re using, or also can be imported as vanilla JS script module on any HTML page

Video Infrastructure#

Building, maintaining & scaling video infrastructure is hard, resource intensive & time consuming.

That's why we built the recordSDK. With this simple SDK, you can add video infrastructure to your app with just a few lines of code.

Add video as a feature - Add asynchronous video communication in your app as a feature with rich functionality without tinkering with your design/UI.

Calling Methods#

The recordSDK simplifies the process of integrating videos within your app. You only need to call a javascript function through client-side code.


Videoform’s recordSDK provides 3 types of recording

  1. Camera
  2. Screen
  3. Camera + Screen
  4. Whitelabel Player
Camera - Captures the webcam along with a timer. Users can preview the video at the end of the capture & choose to use or reshoot another one.

Screen recording - Allows your users to choose from different modes of sharing: an entire window, application or a tab. Anything visible within that chosen container will be captured in their video.

Camera + Screen - Captures both the webcam along with the screen. The user’s camera video is added as a layer on top of the screen background (bubble). This camera (bubble) is movable via click and drag.

Post recording

After recording is completed, the recordSDK displays a preview modal window that enables users to view their video & add without leaving your app.

On this modal, users can choose to delete their recording & trigger a new recording. They can also insert the recording (which triggers an event callback) or dismiss the modal.

Whitelabel Video Player - You can choose the colors & logo to appear on your video player. The goal of this SDK is to provide a video experience to your users that is on point for your brand.

Technical Limitations#

  • Screen Record currently only supports desktop in Chrome Browser
  • Supports majority of browsers
  • Resolution is currently capped at 1080p
  • The camera bubble will only be visible on the source tab of the recording and cannot follow the user across tabs